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Best iOS games to train your brain
When it comes to games, there is a stigma that they might rot your brain, however they can be some of the best learning tools there are! When it comes to gamifying learning, there are apps out there that literally reward you for learning and often feel more like a game than something that can make you smarter. It’s a really clever way for you to spend your free time, idly learning without putting in too much effort.
Learning games may seem like they are only for children, however, there are plenty of learning games for adults that will make you smarter, while also gamifying the experience for you to actually enjoy. Having a few games that do improve your mind is always a good idea, as you can mindlessly improve yourself while playing games.
So let’s go through the Top iOS games that make you smarter! 
Lumosity is one of those games that loads of people have heard of. It’s a daily workout for your brain, that tests problem-solving, memory, and your general thinking to solve various games and tests. There are car racing games, swiping color games and assembling different puzzles to show off how good your brain is. This game also has detailed statistics that help you understand what you might need to practice more in. It’s definitely one of the iPhone games that will make you smarter in the long run.
Duolingo is a language learning app with over 35 different languages that you can explore and learn. Split up into small, bite-sized lessons that can be done between other tasks in your home, you can learn to read and speak various languages. There are lots of puzzle games, sentences you can link together, and speaking out loud into your microphone – with a friendly green owl supporting you as you go. Doulingo also keeps track of your streak of days learning, which is a big motivator.
Tricky Test 2 is a brain teasing quiz game that gives you a bunch of different puzzles, brain teasers, and games with absurd solutions to see if you are smart enough to solve them. It’s designed as a test to give you an IQ at the end, and you can even try to beat your friends IQ as well. Each of the puzzles are really unique and there is a timer, so you’ll have to think fast while you go through them!
If you are looking for a game that will increase your vocabulary and spelling, Words With Friends 2 is a scrabble-inspired game that allows you to try weekly challenges, earn badges, defeat your friends, and spell out a bunch of different words using the tiles that are placed in front of you. It’s a challenging game if you don’t have a big vocabulary, but you’ll definitely grow yours the more you play, making you smarter along the way.
Peak is an app that can challenge your memory, attention, math skills, problem solving ability, mental agility, language, creativity, emotional control and coordination. This app has been made in partnership with Cambridge and NYU, so it’s focus on keeping users mentally sharp is backed and researched. Through a bunch of different games, you can challenge your friends and show off how clever you really are.
Clockwork is a brain training game that looks like a bunch of games – it’s got really nice graphics, a fun robot teacher, and a lot of variety when it comes to puzzles. From remembering shapes to doing maths, you will have to use your brain a lot in this iOS game. There are also robot pets that can help you out, if you need it!
Happify is a brain game that has scientific activities and games that are aimed at helping you overcome stress, negative thoughts, challenges in life and more. This app contains happiness journals, meditations, puzzles and more that can help center you and provide yourself with some time to grow. Though it may not make you smarter per say, Happify will help your mind grow and help you look after yourself.




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